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Kementse player and grandfather watching a boy dancing a Pontic dance

Used as decoration for a conference program, with a couplet in Greek

Painting, 1990 approximate date

Original flyer 4 8

Alkis Raftis Collection




Denarius of Apollonia bearing three Nymphs or Graces dancing in a circle around an altar

Head of Apollo on the obverse.

The two end dancers hold torches.The dancers should be identified as devotees of god, Muses, Nymphs or Graces, well-known for their love of music and dance.

Sculpture, relief, silver coin -50B.C., approximately, 2 cm diam.

Greece, Athens, Numismatic Museum, 1802 1st century BC.

Gifts of the Muses. Echoes of music and dance from Ancient Greece.

Alkis Raftis Collection

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